BT Boost

BT Boost stands for ‘Builder Training Boost’ and we are here to help construction companies implement best practice, great processes and create happy teams.

Specialists in helping construction companies implement their chosen project management software and fast track your success in systemising your business.

With any software system the key is getting it to match your business processes and have your team adopt the new way of doing things. That takes time. 

Here’s where BT Boost can help. We provide you with experienced Aussie and Kiwi consultants who are experts many systems people in construction use that will review needs and provide you with a streamlined plan to get everything up and running – fast.

Who are we?

 BT BOOST is independent and has brought together local experts in their fields such as Finance, IT, Systems/Process, Sales & Marketing & Change Management that also trained in many project management systems to provide you with the custom help you need.

 Our consultants will focus on your business processes, systems and requirements then show you how best to use software tools to fit your needs.

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