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Polished Concrete Services in Sydney

We all know those stunning homes in the magazines with the incredible polished concrete flooring.

Ever dreamed of having a luxurious polished concrete floor in your home in Sydney?

Polished concrete may be a magazine finish for a home but did you know there are many more benefits than just the beautiful sheen?

Polished concrete flooring is incredibly durable thanks to it being …well..concrete. One of the strongest flooring materials you could choose!

Another great feature of polished concrete flooring is that it is easy to maintain. Sweep it, mop it. That’s it. 

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Professional Concrete Polishing Sydney

With all things renovation, there are some people who like to do things themselves and that is fine by us! 

However with polishing concrete our word of advice is that don’t try to do this one yourself. 

A mistake  made in the process of polishing concrete can be really costly in time and money. 

Our concrete contractors are experienced in polishing concrete and have the expertise to get that finish that you have been dreaming of for your home. 

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Almost any structurally sound concreted area can be polished. If your patio or pergola is concreted and structurally not affected (no cracks, uneven bits) then polishing your concrete could be an option for you. 

Speak to our professional polished concreters in the Northern Beaches of Sydney to find out if this is a good option for you. 


What is the process of polishing concrete?

Existing concrete is ground down to the desired level. Similar to sanding a wooden floor, concrete is removed little by little with coarse materials first and progressively more fine as the concrete is closer to being ready to be polished. 

It is cleaned and sealed using a penetrating sealant.

Professional polishing machinery is used to polish the concrete either wet or dry methods are used. Progressively finer polishing materials are used until the desired finish is reached.

Stain guard is added to make it even easier to maintain. 

The big benefit from a polished concrete floor and why a lot of people are opting to have this in their residential home in Sydney is that aesthetically, you can choose whichever finish suits your home! 

Choose from any type of concrete and colour and you’ve got yourself lots of options! 

Have your dream polished concrete flooring

in Sydney


Luxury meets low maintenance and incredible durability.

What’s not to love? 

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  • Concrete Driveway Building

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  • Textured Concrete such as exposed aggregate concreting

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Concrete Resurfacing Northern Beaches

  • Cost effective concreting

  • Concrete renovation

    Perfect for Renovators! Add value without needing to lay a whole new slab

  • Coloured concrete resurfacing

  • Exposed aggregate resurfacing 

Polished Concrete Northern Beaches

  • Professional polished concreting

  • Polished concrete flooring 

  • Re-polishing concrete flooring

  • Flooring that is bound to impress! Easy to maintain and clean, you'll fall in love with polished concrete flooring in your home!

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