Nexvia software sponsored SuperUte racing kicks off at Adelaide 500

The 2019 Australian Supercars kicked-off in Adelaide and includes the SuperUte Series, which in just its second year has seen rapid growth in not only the field but with audiences and sponsors alike. The SuperUtes category is owned by Supercars which means it’s on the biggest bill in Australian motorsport.

The series is the first in the world to race turbo, twin cab utes at this level. For Nexvia, it seemed like an obvious fit to get involved! We are proud to be backing all races in the series – and one of the hottest contenders this year, Ben Walsh in his Fat Freddy’s and Nexvia turbo Toyota Hilux Ute.

Ben Walsh, the driver says “We’ve been given very different rules and parameters this year which will make for an exciting race season start while we watch those changes play out.”

“We’re all flying a bit blind this year – but is all part of the fun!  It’s going to be ‘elbows out’ and a lot of aggression I imagine.”


The twin-cab market is the biggest market in Australia and has huge market relevance in the construction industry. In terms of popularity, Ben says he signs more autographs in the SuperUtes than he has in any other category.

Ben adds “It’s not like they buy a ute from the dealer and put a roll cage in it.  They’re engineered from the ground up. Take a look at the suspension set up, braking system – you’ll be totally blown away.”


Above: Ben Walsh in the No. 8 Fat Freddy’s & Nexvia Super Ute

The countdown is on with it all starting this weekend at the Adelaide 500!

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