Cycle Trails Perfect for Kids

All over our amazing country are hidden gems that State Highway 1 just doesn’t tend to present going 100km.

Novice cyclists, families and everyone who needs to stop staring at a screen, hammer, steering wheel or a mate talking too much and spend some quality time with your littlies no matter how big they are.

Any bike is suitable for riding Grade 1 cycle trails, including touring bikes, single speed bikes and children’s bikes.

Trail Type 1:

Trail Type 2:

Off-road trails are predictable, i.e. no suprises and mostly flat with some gentle climbs.

The surface is either firm gravel or sealed (e.g. concrete or asphalt).

The trail is wide enough for 2 people to cycle side by side at times and may include sections where cyclists will have to ride single file.

On-road trails generally follow quiet roads with little traffic.

Suitable For:

Beginners, occasional cyclists and families who have limited cycling experience.

A multi-geared bike with medium to wide tyres is recommended, such as a comfort bike, touring bike or mountain bike.

Trails of this grade:

Also check out Mr Google for such sites as Bike Friendly North Shore if you are in Auckland. I recently did the Long Bay to Okura ride – pack your togs, water and a bit to eat. Great for your quads. Absolutely stunning!