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Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of concrete resurfacing.

Concrete resurfacing is the most cost effective and time efficient way to shed decades off the appearance of your existing concreted area.

Concrete resurfacing simply means to take off (by grinding down) the top layer, or damaged layer of your concreted area and apply materials to seal, protect, paint or hide certain characteristics of your existing slab.

Commonly, concrete resurfacing is done on driveways because of the high traffic use of these areas in your home in the Nothern Beaches of Sydney.


resurfacing existing concrete sydney

Driveway Resurfacing Sydney

As mentioned in more detail in the driveway concreting page, resurfacing your driveway could be the best option for you to save money and have an outcome of a lovely looking driveway.

The surface area that a driveway commonly covers is rather large, meaning that concreting this area all over again will be quite the costly decision.

Unless you have a particularly strong need to have a new driveway, if nothing is structurally wrong with your existing driveway, you’d be surprised how different an old driveway can look once we are done resurfacing it!

Once the necessary layers of the driveway are removed, our expert concreters in Sydney will add the necessary layers or sealant, spraycrete and more to reach your desired outcome.

Concrete Sealer Sydney

What is a concrete sealer? Concrete sealers are a material that is put on top of an existing, cured concrete to seal and protect the concrete from the elements. Concrete sealants also reduce the mould growth on the concrete which reduced the maintenance too. Concrete sealants sit on top of the concrete and commonly penetrate the concrete to give longer lasting protection to your concrete slab.

Coloured Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

Have you just renovated your house and realised that your driveway just doesn’t suit the rest of your home?

Concrete can be painted using a resurfacing agent that bings to existing concrete. This way you have an incredible amount of choice of colours, shades and sheen for your driveway.

Let us help you make your driveway or patio complement the rest of your house, not take away from it!


Exposed Aggregate Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

If you have a concreted area that is exposed aggregate concrete in, our concrete resurfacing services in Sydney will also be music to your ears.

Exposed Aggregate concrete is a popular choice because of its low maintenance qualities as well as its non-slip qualities. Over time bits of the exposed aggregate will chip off, come loose of crack.

Contact us to hear about how we can resurface your exposed aggregate concrete area.

Save money and resurface your concreted area

in Sydney


Give your driveway, patio or other existing concreted area a face lift with a new surface layer to protect and add immediate street appeal to your home!

Our Concreting Services in the Northern Beaches of Sydney

Driveway Concreting Northern Beaches

  • Concrete Driveway Building

  • Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

  • Textured Concrete such as exposed aggregate concreting

  • Coloured Concrete Driveways

Concrete Resurfacing Northern Beaches

  • Cost effective concreting

  • Concrete renovation

    Perfect for Renovators! Add value without needing to lay a whole new slab

  • Coloured concrete resurfacing

  • Exposed aggregate resurfacing 

Polished Concrete Northern Beaches

  • Professional polished concreting

  • Polished concrete flooring 

  • Re-polishing concrete flooring

  • Flooring that is bound to impress! Easy to maintain and clean, you'll fall in love with polished concrete flooring in your home!

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