BASE Media

BASE Media is our video production service specialising in construction, trade shows, promotional videos at trade shows, awards and general video capture.

Contact: [email protected] or Tel 61-2-8038 5003

You will see us at events such as Sydney Build 2018 to capture your presence & extend your reach by taking it online 24/7 with your own promotional video.

By capturing your video at Sydney Build, it provides the ideal backdrop to showcase your product or service, brand and your team. It allows your nominated spokesperson to tell your story in a very authentic and personal way.

This method is proven to help create a relationship with your target audience who may not have had the opportunity to attend the expo themselves.

WATCH most recent videos: Auckland Build 2017Nuralite PromoBuilders Base Promo

We focus on construction and building related content helping you reach a much wider audience through today’s leading form of communication – online video.

If you have made the effort to bring a product or service to market, prepared for hours for your presentation, brought people together to learn, then the least you can do is capture it professionally for hundreds if not thousands of views rather than the few.

We are real people with down to earth packages to help you achieve what text and photos simply cannot.

Make your message count. Have BASE Media capture:

  • Trade Shows
  • Events
  • Awards
  • Training
  • Promotions
  • Branding
  • New Product or Service Launch
  • Social Events

We take on board your ideas, research the market and look for innovative ways to create a striking video that cuts through and delivers your message in the context it should be.

General enquiries:  Email [email protected] or Tel 61-2-8038 5003

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